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Co-operative Consulting

Co-ops come in many different forms, sizes and shapes. To find out the benefits of Co-ops, The Canadian Co-operative Association has provided a list here.

  • Reconnaissance and its associates have experience in providing consulting services to help co-ops from the idea stage to sustainability.

    • Pre-Development: Explore the readiness of the members and the concept including member development, feasibility assessment and strategic planning.
    • Establish the Foundation: Guide the members as they move forward to start with the formation of their co-op; to identify the type of co-op with the best β€œfit”; and guide the members/directors/steering committee through the legalities to set-up the Co-op.
    • Capacity Development: Build capacity for governance of the co-op to ensure that members have control but management can manage effectively and ethically.
    • Business Planning: Develop the business plan and organize the business.
    • Launch the business: Assist with implementation of the plan and guide the co-op to launch day.
    • Sustainability: Provide on-going consulting as needed to identify and solve problems and challenges that arise.
    • Human Resource Management: Provide skill assessment, skill training and job description development services to ensure that the co-op has the required skills to advance its mission.
    • Marketing: Guide the members in the development of the co-op marketing plan
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