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Research and Analysis

Every day, business leaders must make important decisions that will impact the future of their organizations. Insight and knowledge, supported by concrete research helps to ensure that the resulting decisions are relevant and appropriate.

Small organizations often don’t have the in-house expertise and/or time to gather and analyze the research that will guide the decision-making process. That is where the Reconnaissance team comes in. Careful planning, relevant market research and analysis of the resulting data are keys to building strong foundations for new programs or evaluating the future of existing initiatives.

Over the years, we have had extensive experience planning and researching a variety of projects for business and non-profit stakeholders. We have analyzed the results of primary and secondary research that we have gathered in sectors such as food products, educational programs, recreational/cultural centres, maintenance services, renovations, and social enterprises. Our clients have been able to make strategic decisions resulting from our:

  • program reviews
  • market studies
  • feasibility studies
  • gender-based analysis
  • full financial projections
  • business plan analysis

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