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Social Enterprise Consulting

Social enterprises are businesses that sell goods or provide services in the market for the purpose of creating a blended return on investment, both financial and social. Their profits are returned to the business or to a social purpose, rather than maximizing profits to shareholders. (Source: ENP definition)

There are many reasons why social enterprises are gaining in popularity:

  • The understanding that there are some needs the market will never meet on its own
  • The opportunity to advance mission-related goals
  • Diminished and changing nature of government funding
  • The promise of social enterprise as a vehicle for social innovation
  • (Source M. Donkervoort)

Reconnaissance, in partnership with Marty Donkervoort, has the expertise to provide consulting for all types of social enterprises:

  • Assessment: Assess the fit of a social enterprise with the organization.
  • Idea Generation: Assist with the social enterprise idea generation and selection.
  • Feasibility: Conduct a feasibility study for the social enterprise concept.
  • Business Planning: Develop the business plan and organize the enterprise.
  • Financing: Assist with the identification of funding and/or financing.
  • Launch the business: Assist with implementation of the plan and guide the enterprise to launch day.
  • Sustainability: Provide on-going consulting as needed to identify and solve problems and challenges that arise.
  • Human Resource Management: Provide skill assessment, skill training and job description development services to ensure that the enterprise has the required skills to advance its mission.
  • Marketing: Guide the social enterprise in the development of its marketing plan

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