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Our Associates

Our strategic advantage is the ability to bring together the many skills and varied perspectives that are required in most projects.

The flexibility of the business model allows Reconnaissance to assemble the necessary expertise for each project. This is a very attractive element for most of our clients who simply do not have the resources to retain permanent staff with these abilities.

In a business that depends on the skills and knowledge of our associates, it is important that we continue to develop and enhance relationships to ensure that we have access to the experts who are necessary to respond to our client needs. Active participation in a variety of organizations helps us maintain a strong network of associates and ensures we are linked with the community.

See below for a profile of some of our current associates. We continue to develop new associates as necessary to ensure that our clients have access to applicable skills and knowledge for their project. Kaye Grant remains the primary contact with all clients to ensure consistent and appropriate customer service.

Marty Donkervoort, MBA

As the Globe and Mail has recently noted, Marty’s business career leads from Bay St to Main Street. Over the past three decades, Marty has held senior positions in private corporations, the public sector and in the social economy, most recently in Winnipeg’s inner-city North End.

In the social economy, Marty founded Away Express, a social enterprise courier service in Toronto, mentored The Big Carrot worker co-op in the retail health food business, then founded and managed Inner City Renovation, a social enterprise in the construction sector in Winnipeg’s North End. He has started and managed a successful consulting practice, taught a business course at Ryerson University and published on social enterprise and worker cooperatives. He is currently teaching a course on social enterprise at The University of Winnipeg, Business and Administration Department.

Marty is a leader in community economic development, being a past or current director of the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation, the Worker Owner Development Foundation, and the Social Enterprise Council of Canada among many others.

He has assisted worker co-ops, social enterprises as well as non-profit community organizations with business related assignments.

Marty’s contributions have been celebrated by the CBC, who named him “A Canadian making a Difference” in 2009 and by a special recognition award in 2010 from Ernst and Young in their Entrepreneur of the Year Competition.

For more visit Marty’s blog here.

Melenie Olfert

Olfert Training and Consulting

A certified trainer with extensive experience with adult learners, Melenie specializes in diversity and intercultural training with a focus on diversity in the workplace, human resources development, and intercultural communication skills. For more than 10 years, she has worked as an independent management consultant, sharing her knowledge and expertise through a variety of employment projects and training programs.

A seasoned writer and training content developer, Melenie has participated in the creation of an online hiring guide for employers of new immigrants; written several workplace manuals on cultural differences in workplace health and safety; and has contributed her expertise to a government website aimed at helping newcomers learn about the norms and expectations in Canadian workplaces. She has experience in a variety of sectors including finance, tourism and the contact centre industry.


Julie Bell

E.A.L. Link

Since 1995, Julie has been providing support to immigrants in the workplace and to supervisors who lead diverse teams. She shares her expertise through English as an Additional Language (EAL) instruction, diversity workshops for leaders, teacher training, teacher mentorship, and advising programs that support EAL clientele. She has also authored and edited several student resources and curriculum.

Over the years, Julie has been involved with projects that have facilitated the successful integration of internationally trained employees through diversity training for leadership, cross cultural mentorship, the creation of support resources and curriculum, as well as the creation of tools and processes that help recruit and hire internationally trained workers. She recently co-wrote a resource for internationally trained IT professionals that covered business and customer service standards in the Canadian workplace.

In addition to her undergraduate degree, Julie has a certificates in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language), CACE (Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education), and is working on a Masters degree in TTESOL (Trainer of Teachers to Speakers of Other Languages).


Karen McVetty

Administrative Solutions

Karen provides office system analysis, office development, document processing, bookkeeping system set up, and ongoing systems management. Her attention to detail is helpful to companies that are in need of an extra pair of organizing hands.


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